Our approach provides a child-centered curriculum in which children are encouraged to construct their own knowledge. Although the distinction between intelligence has been set out in great detail, We oppose the idea of labeling learners to a specific intelligence. Each child possesses a unique combination of all the intelligence. We try to maintain that the theory of multiple intelligences should “empower learners”, not restrict them to one modality of learning.

Holistic Learning

holistic perspective is concerned with the development of every CHILD’S intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials. It seeks to engage students in the teaching/learning process and encourages personal and collective responsibility.

Practical Approach

Children learn how to do their own stuff, lay their own table, Table manners, go to bathroom without help, wash their own hands properly, helping others etc.

Sensory Awareness

Exercises make sure children use all five senses to learn and explore. Yoga is a perfect example to develop deeper awareness. Chirping of birds, movement of wind etc instill advance listening skills. Natural rhythms, music is also a perfect example of that.

Language Arts

Children are encouraged to express themselves verbally and are taught to trace and recognise letters as a precursor to learning, reading, spelling grammar and hand writing skills.

Cultural Objects

Children learn about other countries , animals, history, time, music, movement, science and art

Mathematics and Geometry

Children learn about numbers and concepts in a fun and enjoyable manner through hands on techniques.

Theme Based Approach

Our curriculum is related to real life experiences, children here are able to relate to real-world experiences and build on prior knowledge of a topic.

Thematic Units also helps teachers with a paving way to facilitate learning for each child who has his/her own way of learning things.

Fun with shapes and colors, community helpers, excursions, fruit and vegetable market set up, nature walk are some of the examples.


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